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The Richard and Judy Autumn Reads have been announced and wow, what a list! I have read four of the titles and gave three of them 5 star ratings and one of them 4 stars so I think this is a truly excellent selection too pick your next read from - I'm just glad I don't have to pick an overall winner!!

Here are my reviews in case you want to see my thoughts when I read the books earlier in the year......

There is definitely great depth to this novel, it is ultimately a very gripping read about memory, fault, blame, guilt, trust and betrayal. 

This complex novel includes four different narratives and also shifts between past and present day as the reader learns about the events from the point of view of each member of the family. It is about betrayal, love, families and guilt and raises plenty of challenging points as well as just being an exciting read. It is compelling and if you enjoyed The Good Girl you are in for another treat! 

With echoes of Agatha Christie this is a delicious crime novel set in 1939 and vividly brought to life with beautiful writing and great characters. 

Obviously I don't have favourites and would never want to show bias, but, theoretically if I did, then this might be my top pick from this selection! And I would definitely recommend that you start with it! This novel is so absorbing, immersive, well written and compelling you will be totally swept up in it for the whole duration of the cruise on which the story is all about. 

I also chose this for my Bibliomaniac's Book Club so don't forget to look that up if you want further ideas.....!

This is a engrossing novel with which I became entranced by from the first page. The characters are compelling, beautiful, mysterious and disturbing. It is a mesmerising tale of a family who are bound by love, by hatred, by desperation, by secrets, by obsession. It is a story that haunts you while you are reading and then haunts you for days after. I want to read it again. And again.

There was a slight marmite reaction to this book in the blogging world but I adored it. It is eerie, unsettling, disturbing and at times very difficult to read but it is incredibly well written and the characters are just so well crafted it is well worth giving it a go. There is a dual timeline and the two stories are very cleverly weaved together. The characters are truly fascinating and there is a hint of the gothic about the tale as well as a coming of age theme and also the exploration of a dysfunctional family. Impressive.

I really enjoyed this read and was hugely impressed by the author's writing. Land's has managed to construct a very disturbing and complex character with a voice that will send chills down your spine long after you've finished the last line. There is something deliciously dark and truly thrilling about this novel. Read it. If you dare.

Need I say any more? This is an outstanding read with a chilling premise. Highly original and gripping reading. If you are brave enough, you will absolutely love it! A fantastic thriller! 

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