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Tangerine by Christine Mangan

TANGERINE Christine Mangan
(published 1st Feb 2019)
This book is a delight to read. From the first line, the prose is completely exquisite with lines that need savouring (and highlighting, and committing to memory and using as a bar for what good writing looks like!). I have had my eye on this novel for a long time so I did approach it with a slight sense of trepidation that it might not match my expectations, but was relieved to find that it not only matched, but exceeded them. I found myself completely immersed within the sultry heat of Tangiers and the claustrophobic atmosphere created by the strange, unspoken tension between the two main characters, Alice and Lucy, from the very opening until the very last line. 
Impeccably judged, the structure of the alternating narratives and the taut writing, produce a quietly unsettling story which is gripping, even though the action is so understated and nuanced. The imagery and choice of description is also understated yet highly evocative, r…

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