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Expectation by Anna Hope

EXPECTATION  by Anna Hope 
11th July 2019 | £12.99 | Hardback 
One of the most brilliant things about reading is coming across the right book at the right time and finding some kind of affinity with the characters or themes the author explores. It sounds trite to say a book can change you, but I think it can - or it can at least speak to you and affect you in some quite deep, emotional way. For me, this was the case with Expectation, Anna Hope's contemporary fiction debut. 
I've read both Hope's historical fiction novels and have subsequently bought several copies for friends. They are well written with well crafted characters, show thoughtful explorations of emotive topics, all within atmospheric and evocative settings. Needless to say, I was delighted to read more from Hope, especially as Expectation is a departure from her previous books and in a modern setting. 
Expectation is about Hannah, Cate and Lissa who are the very best of friends. As young women, living in London,…

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