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Meet Me At The Museum by Anne Youngson - With Book Club Questions!


This is a tender-hearted novel, full of warmth and gorgeous prose. The reader tumbles through the pages, devouring the compelling fictional exchange of letters between the two main characters; relieved that unlike the protagonists, they’re not waiting for the responses to drop through the letter-box and there is nothing to interrupt the flow of this remarkable correspondence.
Meet Me at the Museum is about two people who find themselves forming a strong friendship as they engage in an exchange of letters which quickly develop into a more reflective discussion about what they’ve achieved, the ambitions they had and the choices they both face at this moment in their lives. Is it still possible to chase dreams and embrace new beginnings? How can two people, who have never met, guide and lead each other away from the lonely edges where they find themselves staring?
After the death of her school friend, and catching her ageing reflection in the mirror, …

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