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I am thrilled to be part of the Blog Tour for Vivian Conroy's Written Into The Grave, the latest instalment in the Country Gift Shop Mystery series.

Can fiction kill?

Vicky Simmons’s life was supposed to be relaxing after she moved back home to the coast of Maine, but instead of baking bread and gardening she’s been chasing down killers and it’s time to stop. Vicky is ready to slow down again and vows to start focusing more on her roses than solving crime.
That is until she reads the new serial in the paper over breakfast, describing a brutal murder that takes place on a cliff top road just above a beach. Only to find herself moments later, walking Coco and Mr. Pug, face to face with a dead body on the sand. The murder victim described exactly as he was in the story…
Once again death has come to Glen Cove and this time Vicky and her friends won’t stop until they find the killer before they get away with murder.
Written Into The Grave is published by HQ Digital on 10th May 2017.

You can buy a copy here and it is currently available for £1.99 on Kindle.

I am thrilled to welcome Vivian to my blog today with a guest post. Let me hand you over to her now and here all about her obsession with notebooks! 

Good morning Vivian!

There is no such thing as too many notebooks...  

I own A LOT of notebooks. Which is by no means a reason for me not to buy new ones. In fact, you can be certain that I'll use any excuse to buy. "Sunshine at last! Let's buy a notebook with flowers on it." "Finished my book! A notebook it is to reward myself." "National Stationery Week?! Need I say more?" Of course as a writer I can totally justify owning all these notebooks. After all, I have to write down what I'm working on, I have to make notes of dates and deadlines, I have to plot stuff, I have to keep an idea file... And to ensure all of this is done in the best way possible, I need post-its, to-do lists and coloured pens. My pages are full of stickers, drawn smiley faces and cut-outs from magazines in whatever theme I currently happen to be hot about. Strass stones are reserved for the cover, which can also be adorned with a postcard or bookmark attached with a mini clothes peg. The notebooks can be seasonally themed - like the one with the exquisite gold on black patterning used during Christmas season 2016 - or chosen completely at random, because I like them. And no, owning all these notebooks doesn't prevent me from scribbling important thoughts about my story on impossibly small scraps of paper that either get lost or prove illegible by the time I need to know what I thought so important. Fortunately, I usually also make notes at the end of my manuscript so I can go back there to recover whatever essential bit I need. But typing away on the computer only works for part of the process. Plotting has to be done on paper. Writing pitches for proposals where I can endlessly rearrange the information. Or figuring out the best character names ( I won't bother you with the story of one character who went through six names - find and replace is the best! - before I finallysettled on the perfect name for her). The other thing I'd be lost without is chocolate. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I like to share anything chocolate, bonus if it includes salted caramel as well. Writing happens with chocolate within reach. Editing needs chocolate. Release day is celebrated with chocolate. My poor laptop has the marks to prove I snack while I tap away at that keyboard (and no, it's not chocolate,but a fatty stain on the touchpad left there by ahum... crisps!). I'm quick to say I do balance all of this by long walks -- also good for the poor back after too much time spent typing! And those moments when I'm just feeling the breeze on my face and the cadence of my own footfalls inspired me to send my heroine on a nice long beach walk with her dogs, Mr. Pug and Coco, so she could hit on a dead body and realize the victim met his end in exactly the same way as described in the latest installment in the serial Seaside Secrets, published at the same moment as the murder was committed.  
Can the sheriff just arrest the writer for the crime, or is something more complicated and sinister afoot? 

WRITTEN INTO THE GRAVE reveals it all. Although a part in a series, you need not have read the other ones to follow along, and if you like Vicky and the dogs, you can still go back to books 1 and 2, as there are NO spoilers. 

Do drop by my Twitter at to share your stationery weaknesses, chocolate recipes and favorite mystery books.
I'll be looking out for you! Cheers, Viv

Thanks so much to Vivian for coming along and talking to us about all things notebooks and chocolate. I am guilty of owning a shockingly huge collection of notebooks.......if only they were filled with notes for bestselling novels.....!

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Vivian Conroy writes the Country Gift Shop Mysteries and the Lady Alkmene 1920s' mysteries for HQDigitalUK, a division of HarperCollins. When she's not writing, Vivian enjoys hiking, crafting and trying new dessert recipes. For all things books, with a dash of dogs and chocolate, give her a follow on Twitter via . You can also add and review all her books on Goodreads and LibraryThing.

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