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Holiday Reading! 
Who's looking for some cheap books to load up with and enjoy over the break? 
Here's a few suggestions with links to my reviews. Hope you find something to grab you! 

Looking for a bit of a "lie" in?! Currently 99p on kindle.

LiesSometimes I LieThe Marriage LieThose Who Lie

Looking for something to take you back to a different time? All for 99p on kindle.

The Witchfinder's SisterThe SecretThe Roanoke GirlsA Proposal to Die For (Lady Alkmene #1)

bibliomaniacuk review: the witch finder's sister
bibliomaniacuk review: the secret kathryn hughes
bibliomaniacuk review: the roanoke girls
bibliomaniacuk review: a proposal to die for

Looking for a bit of a cheap thrill? All at 99p!

Too CloseBefore I Let You InPerfect Remains (D.I. Callanach, #1)Her Husband's LoverThe Gift

bibliomaniacuk review: too-close-by-gayle-curtis
bibliomaniacuk review: perfect-remains-helen-fields
bibliomaniacuk review: her-husbands-lover-julia-crouch

Splash out-  £1.99 or a few pennies more but well worth the "investment"!!

The BreakdownMy Husband's SonSaving SophieThe EscapeGone Without a Trace

bibliomaniacuk review: the-breakdown-by-ba-paris
bibliomaniacuk review: my-husbands-son-deborah-oconnor
bibliomaniacuk review: saving-sophie-sam-carrington
bibliomaniacuk review: the-escape-by-c-l-taylor
bibliomaniacuk review: gone-without-trace-by-mary-torjussen

And if you fancy a real treat then these are worth every penny......

Everything but the TruthSix StoriesSealskinBehind Her Eyes

bibliomaniacuk review: sixstories-mattwesolowski
bibliomaniacuk review: sealskin-by-su-bristow
bibliomaniacuk review: behind-her-eyes-by-sarah-pinborough
bibliomaniacuk review: everything but the truth

And my holiday reads for Easter will be:

The Other Half of Happiness (Sofia Khan, #2)My Cousin RachelMy SisterReservoir 13A Dangerous Crossing

Let me know what you're reading over the Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter! Happy Reading!

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  1. Fantastic to have some holiday reading recommendations - thank you. I am downloading one of your 99p lie books. Think I'm going for Sometimes I Lie. I will also be picking up Sue Wallman's new YA novel 'See How They Lie' at the airport and I'm reading the first of the Rain Wild chronicles by Robin Hobb (Dragon Keeper) and a Beryl Bainbridge too 'Awfully Big Adventure'. Should keep me busy!

    1. Like the sound of your choices! Look forward to reading your reviews! Hope U like sometimes I lie- it's a good 'un! Happy holidays!


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