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Linda Huber is best known for her psychological thrillers, of which I am an enormous fan! "Ward Zero" was published at the end of 2016 and her other titles include "The Cold Cold Sea", "Chosen Child", "The Attic Room" and "The Paradise Trees". So I was intrigued when Linda approached me and asked if I would be interested in reading something completely different......


The Saturday Secret is a collection of 15 very short, feel good tales of love and family life. They are all stories that have been previously published in UK national magazines and they are appearing here together for the first time. I saved them until I wanted a quick break from whatever else I was doing or reading and they were the perfect tonic to go alongside a cup of tea or when you have those spare five minutes in between appointments or meetings. 

Unlike Huber's other books, these stories are very light, humorous, very feel good and very easy to read. They are full of happy endings and moments of coincidences that give you a wry smile. Like all Huber's other books, her writing is good and her story structure satisfying and rewarding.

If you are looking for something very gentle then this is perfect for you! And not only do the stories make you feel good, the profits are going to charity so this really is a feel good book in every sense of the phrase! 

All profits from ebook and paperback sales of this collection will be donated to charity.
The Saturday Secret and other stories: fifteen feel-good tales of love and family life by [Huber, Linda]


So without further a do, I shall hand you over to her! 

What’s in a Name?

I’ve said it before, but names just aren’t my thing. Despite doing my absolute and honest best to give my characters a good selection of names, I’ve still ended up with a Jenny in one book and a Jennifer in another. Not to mention Frank and Frankie – also in different books, thank goodness. And I very nearly had two Colins, too. And two Pauls – you’d think there was a shortage of names out there. After that, I started a list, and thought I was more or less on top of things as far as naming characters was concerned.

Then I abandoned my suspense novels for a while, and started to put The Saturday Secret together…
The first name problem here wasn’t anything to do with the characters – it was what to call the book itself. Finding a title for a collection of feel-good short stories was quite a different task to finding one for a psychological suspense novel. A quick search round the internet told me that other people seemed to call their collections either ‘Tea Break Tales’ or the like, or they used the title of one of the stories. I decided to go with the latter – but which story should I choose?

At this point I didn’t have a cover image either, so I went on a cover hunt in the romance section of my cover designer’s website. This made a refreshing change, as I’m usually to be found poking around in the horror section. Romance covers are much prettier… And lo and behold, there was a cover which – with a few tweaks – was an exact fit for one of my stories. And so The Saturday Secret was born.

The next task was to put my individual stories onto one word doc. This involved a lot of copy and pasting, and then I settled down to read through the entire document, checking for spelling mistakes etc.

It was at around story six that I found myself frowning. Davie… wasn’t there a Davie in an earlier story? Heck, yes, better change that. And then I found Brian and Bryan. And Phillip and Philip. And Marion and Marion. Cold sweat broke out as I scrolled up and down, changing names and trying to make sure I’d found all the variations like ‘Davie’s’ and ‘Davie’ll’. It took hours. I was sick of the sight of my feel-good short stories by the time I was finished, but we only had to correct two names at the pdf stage, and fortunately, my formatter is a very patient woman.

The final name problem was me. Should I stick with Linda Huber as my author name for this different genre? L.E. Huber? Or use my old short story-writing pen name, Rosalind Farr? In the end, I decided I’d changed enough names in this book. So I’m Linda Huber here too. It’s always simplest to tell the truth…

And after all that, name-finding for my next suspense novel is going to feel like a walk in the park!

Thanks Linda - that's such a fun post! Thanks so much for being on the blog today and sharing with us all your thoughts about names!  

Here's a glance at the some of the stories in The Saturday Secret: 

The Party Partners   Belinda and Phillip have fun at weddings, engagement parties and all sorts of celebrations. But anything more personal was out of the question – or was it? 

Family Matters   Gary shares Sharon’s dream of having children – but as far as he’s concerned, it’s something for the future.

Corinna’s Big Day   It was the most important day in baby Corinna’s life, but for Madge, it was one of the saddest…

Lucky for Some   You might say drawing number 13 in the cycle rally was bad luck. You might say falling off was bad luck, too. But Hilary knew better!

Patiently Waiting   Mike woke up after his operation and saw the girl of his dreams. The problem was the engagement ring she wore on a chain round her neck…

The Saturday Secret   What was she up to? The whole family wanted to know! But Gran wasn’t telling…

And many more…


Linda Huber

Linda grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, but went to work in Switzerland for a year aged twenty-two, and has lived there ever since. Her day jobs have included working as a physiotherapist in hospitals and schools for handicapped children, and teaching English in a medieval castle. Not to mention several years being a full-time mum to two boys and a rescue dog.

Linda’s writing career began in the nineties, and since then she’s had over fifty short stories and articles published, as well as five psychological suspense novels. Her books are set in places she knows well – Cornwall (childhood holidays), The Isle of Arran (teenage summers), Yorkshire (visiting family), as well as Bedford and Manchester (visiting friends).

After spending large chunks of the current decade moving house, she has now settled in a beautiful flat on the banks of Lake Constance in north-east Switzerland, where she’s working on another suspense novel.

Linda Huber has written over fifty short stories for magazines. She is also the author of psychological suspense novels Chosen ChildWard Zero, and others.

Find out more about Linda here:

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Linda-Huber/e/B00CN7BB0Q/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1   

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    1. So lovely to have you back! Hope the book does really well!


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