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As many of you know, I devour books for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will make you late for a appointment by talking about books, I will recommend twelve books when you only asked for one, my To Be Read pile rivals the height of the neighbour's roof and I cannot resist buying the latest, most talked about book - or the forgotten, overlooked paperback for that matter!

My name is Katherine and I am a Bibliomaniac!

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So where better to start if you want to talk about books and keep up with what everyone is reading than a Book Club!
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Bibliomaniac's Book Club
The aim of my Book Club is to give everyone who might already be in a book group, or who might like to start up a book group, or might like some suggestions and direction with their own reading, some support. Each month I have suggested a novel to read and on the 1st of each month I will post some suggestions for snacks & drinks to accompany your book group evening as well as some questions or discussion ideas to chat about. I am hoping to also add in some video links with author interviews and a few little treats, competitions and giveaways along the way......

There are two options for each month: a paperlight suggestion with matching questions and a paperweight suggestion also with questions, so there should be things to to suit the mood of any group or the kind of reading your group likes to do.

Image result for image i tried to set up a gang but it became a book club

Here is my 12 month plan for the Bibliomaniac's Book Club.

Here are some prompts to help you when you are reading your Book Club read:

Here is the link to January's PaperWeight post if you fancy having a look at the sort of thing you can expect:

Here's a link to January's PaperLight post if you fancy having a look at the sort of thing you can expect:

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Bibliomaniac's Book Club is about sharing my passion for books - hope you'll join me and develop your own maniacal love for books and reading!

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