Prompts for Reading for Book Group

Do you read your Book Group read so far in advance that you've forgotten it by the time you get together to talk about it? 
Do you leave it until the last minute and find yourself reading the last couple of pages as you leave the house on the way to Book Group?
Do you have to leave the conversation early so as not to miss the final twist?
Do you struggle to know what to say about a book? Are you not sure what to look for when reading a book? 

Fear not, Bibliomaniac is here to help! 

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Reading for a Book Group: A Bibliomaniac’s Guide

Image result for images how to love booksBefore you start reading, have a look at the front cover:

·       What do you think about the images, colours, font and photos used on the front cover?
·       What do you guess the genre to be and why?
·       What emotional reaction might you have from reading this book? What makes you think this?
·       Is it eye-catching? Is it original and distinctive?

Have a look at the back cover blurb:

·       What can you discover about the story from the blurb? Is there a lot of plot given away or very little? What do you prefer?
·       Who is the main character?
·       What predictions do you have for this story from the blurb?
·       How does the back cover affect or compare with the assumptions you made about the book from the front cover?

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Read the first page or the first chapter then think about:

·       What is the style/genre of the book?
·       Who is the narrator? Is it third or first person?
·       What was the chapter title and does this give anything away about the story?
·       What are your first impressions / thoughts / feelings?
·       Does the passage match your expectations from the front and back cover?
·       Would you continue reading? Why? Why not?

When you’re reading think about:

·       Which character you relate to most and why
·       If the actions, dialogue and behaviour of the main characters is consistent, believable and convincing throughout the novel
·       How the author keeps you reading  (short chapters, cliff hangers, great storytelling, dual time lines, clues and hints) ?

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At the end, think about:

·       Your favourite section and why
·       Your least favourite section and why
·       Three adjectives to describe the book
·       Who would most like to read the book and why?
·       Did the book meet your expectations and early assumptions?

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Happy Reading! Hope these prompts help you with your reading and give you a few conversations starters when you get together with your group to chat about the book! 
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