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"Corpus" By Rory Clements was published on 26th January 2017 by Bonnier Zaffre.


In Berlin, a young Englishwoman evades the Gestapo to deliver vital papers to a Jewish scientist. Within weeks, she is found dead in her Cambridge bedroom, a silver syringe clutched in her fingers. 

In a London club, three senior members of the British establishment light the touch paper on a conspiracy that will threaten the very heart of government. Even the ancient colleges of Cambridge are not immune to political division. Dons and students must choose a side: right or left, where do you stand? 

When a renowned member of the county set and his wife are found horribly murdered, a maverick history professor finds himself dragged into a world of espionage which, until now, he has only read about in books. But the deeper Thomas Wilde delves, the more he wonders whether the murders are linked to the death of the girl with the silver syringe - and, just as worryingly, to the scandal surrounding King Edward VIII and his mistress Wallis Simpson... 

Set against the drumbeat of war and moving from Berlin to Cambridge, from Whitehall to the Kent countryside, and from the Fens to the Aragon Front in Spain, this big canvas international thriller marks the beginning of a major new series from bestselling author Rory Clements

It is my turn on the "Corpus" Blog Tour today and I am thrilled to be able to offer you the chance to read an extract from Chapter One! Read on and then I dare you not to want to read more!!


God, she was a fool, a bloody novice. She had been told what to do, of
course, how she must lose possible pursuers with backtracking, circling
and stops. How to spot a tail. But that was theory; this was reality.
The man with the sandals had disappeared into the heaving mass of
people. Perhaps he had been one of many; perhaps someone else was now
on her case. Nancy had attempted to dress as anonymously as she could,
in a shapeless green frock, with her hair braided and pinned up around
the top of her head. In their shared hotel room, Lydia had looked at her
oddly. ‘I know what you’re thinking,’ Nancy had said. ‘You think I look
like a bloody little Waltraud.’ Lydia had raised an eyebrow. A Waltraud
was their private derisory name for the sort of Nazi girl who belonged to
the BDM, wore dirndls and eschewed make-up and cigarettes. Was there
anyone in the world less like the clean-living jungmädel ideal than Nancy
Hereward? They had both fallen about laughing.
She headed south and westwards. On every corner and from every
public building, the swastika banners fl uttered in the warm breeze, black
on a white circle in a sea of red. Every one of them seemed like a personal
threat. Turning right into a side street, she stopped at a butcher’s shop
window and gazed at the cuts of meat and the endless varieties of sausage
without really seeing them. She tensed as an old woman bustled up to her
elbow and put a letter in the red Reichspost box fixed to the wall at the
side of the shop, then ambled away at snail’s pace. No one was following.
She carried on, walking further away from the main arteries of the city. At
the end of the street she turned right then, quickly, went left . The area was
residential now, a respectable mixture of smart tenement blocks, parks
and churches, very different from the regimented grid of streets bordering
She knew that Lydia would be getting worried. Nancy had told her
she would only be gone twenty minutes; she should wait for her at the
Victoria with a coffee and cake and her book. ‘I just want a little time on
my own,’ she had said. Lydia had shrugged, clearly puzzled, but seemed to
accept it. This was going to take a lot longer than twenty minutes; Lydia
would just have to wait.

My thanks to the publisher for letting me be part of this Blog Tour, an advanced copy of the book in return for a review and for the exclusive use of this extract on the blog tour.

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