Bibliomaniac's Book Club: Questions for any occasion!

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Here are some questions that can be asked about any book in any book group session! 

What were the central themes or questions in the book?

Who was the most interesting character in the book?

Does this story belong to a particular time or is it universal?

How does this book compare to others in its genre?

Did you relate to any of the characters? Did you share any of their motivations?

What is the significance of the title? What alternative title would you give the book?

Did this book provoke any emotional reactions in you?

Did the main character make good or bad choices?

What was your favourite passage in the book?

If the book were made into a movie who would you cast as the main characters?

What are the key characteristics  / strengths/ weaknesses / motivations of the main protagonist?

Which celebrity or person in power should read this book and why?

What one piece of advice would you offer the main character?

What life lessons are found in this book and do you agree with them?

What do you think will be your lasting impression of this book?

Can you sum the book up in one line? Could you write a strap line to go on the front cover?

What one question would you like to ask the main character? Or any of the other characters?

Do the first and last sentence relate to each other?

Can you think of one question you would pose to a book group based on this book?

What one question would you ask the author about this book?

How could the conflict have been resolved differently?

Can you think of any other books which deal with similar themes, have similar characters or are written in a similar style to this book?

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At which moment does the major conflict in the book come to an end?

Was the author better at description or dialogue?

Is the story driven more by the plot or the characters?

What personal impact did this book have on you?

How did the author get you interested in this story?

Did you enjoy reading this book? Why?

Are the major themes in this book relevant to your life?

How would you summarise the story?

What famous actor would you like to hear read this story on an audio book?

Did this book inspire you to explore new ideas or to look at things from another perspective?

Did any of the characters help you to understand someone you’ve know?

What surprised you about this book?

Which character would you most like to know in real life?

How would you illustrate the cover?

Does the book end in the way you expected?

Was there anything missing from the book that should have been included?

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