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Today I welcome Nicky Clifford to my blog for a Q&A about her new debut book "Never Again" which is published on the 21st October 2016.

Thanks so much Nicky for answering my questions!

Has there ever been an occasion or event that has made you say "Never Again"?

There have been a few! However, the time I plonked my neighbourhood watch hat firmly on my head and called the police has to top them all. I had been pottering in my bedroom when I heard a loud banging. I looked out of the window and was horrified to see two hooded youths vandalising the ‘Welcome to Reading’ sign in broad daylight – the cheek of it! So I hid behind the curtain (as you do) and called the local police. The officer asked me to describe the scene. I peeked out, nervous about any retribution from these thugs and started to describe the scene: “There’s two hooded men. They are bashing the sign and . . . oh, they seem to have a drill . . . and . . . ah, a Reading Borough Council van". Honestly, the mortification! Fortunately, the police officer was very understanding, but that is definitely my most memorable ‘Never Again’!

 If you were to move away for some "time out" or a new start, where would be your perfect retreat and what job would you do?

I would move to Venice. With its network of canals, delicious pasta, pizza and ice-cream, it is the most romantic and beautiful place. In addition, of course, to writing, I would work under cover as a mystery diner so I could eat for free in a wide range of different cafes, hotels and restaurants. When can I pack my bags?!

Which celebrity would you to be a fellow hotel resident with? Why?

Claudia Winkleman every time! She is hilarious. You never know what she is going to do next. I mean, who else would lick Paul Hollywood’s face?! And so there would never be a dull moment with her around.

What's been your worst holiday job?

That has to be when I was in my teens. I worked at an old people’s home in the kitchen washing up. I didn’t mind the amount of crockery and cutlery or how filthy the pans were; I didn’t mind bleaching the wooden work surfaces; but what really freaked me out, particularly as a teen, was when the odd old person wandered into the kitchen without a stitch of clothes about their person and struck up a conversation! I honestly didn’t know where to look . . .

 Have you ever had a holiday romance?

I have! A few! This particular one was during my teens (all my examples are from my teens – my life must have been so much more exciting back then!). I spent a week by the beach in Wales with my friend, Julie, and her family.  I met this guy at the campsite disco. He had a car and a motorbike – given I wasn’t even old enough to drive, he definitely ticked all of my boxes (Materialistic? Me?). It was very romantic: BBQs by the beach, strolling hand in hand by the waves . . . until one evening we lost track of time. He gallantly dropped me back at the caravan where I had hoped to sneak in without being spotted, only to find a police car parked outside the front door, having been brought in to track down a missing 15-year-old . . . oops!

Who is your fictional hero / perfect partner?

As Pretty Woman is one of my favourite films, I reckon Richard Gere climbing up to my balcony with a rose between his teeth would do it for me! Although Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice wandering out of the lake in a certain wet and white see-through shirt would also be in the running . . .

Can you recommend any other novels or authors whose stories are about love, marriage and romance?  Are there any novels about love and marriage that have particularly influenced you?  

The thing about me is that I have the most terrible memory. So I read a book, I love it and then within weeks I have forgotten the title and within months, I could almost read it again and not remember the ending! But there are a few books that stick in my memory: the first is Man in Charge by Mills & Boon, which I picked up from a jumble sale years ago when I was a teenager – it set me on the path to dreaming of romance, love and marriage. A couple of books that I would highly recommend are written by Cecelia Ahern Thanks for the Memories and A Place called Here. She manages to weave romance with a little bit of magic, a stretch of the imagination and gives lots of food for thought.

What are you reading now / just finished reading / hoping to read next......?

I have just started The One Plus One by JoJo Moyes; I am only a few pages in, but am sure I will love it as much as her others. I have thoroughly enjoyed two of Caroline James’ page-turning novels, and so next on my list is her So you think you’re a … Celebrity Chef?

Thanks ever so much Nicky for your entertaining and interesting answers! Good luck with "Never Again" which is available for PreOrder via Amazon and on general release from 21st October 2016. 

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