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Princesses and Fairies Colouring Book

Beautifully intricate illustrations to transport you to magical lands
While away the hours with some art therapy
8th September 2016, £7.99 paperback

Princesses and Fairies ISBN 9781843653172 Fairy Tales ISBN 9781843653165

To me, colouring in usually conjures images of sitting with my children when they were tiny, either in the ridiculously early hours of the morning or during a very long wet afternoon, trying to stop them shoving crayons in their mouths, choke on felt tip pen lids and ignore the fact that they are definitely not keeping inside the line (*twitch*). The pictures were big, over simplified outlines so the pen always ran out before you'd filled the shape and there was never anything remotely relaxing about it, particularly as none of my children have ever been interested in an activity requiring them to sit still. 

But recently I have been seduced by the gorgeous colouring books which have become a bit of a craze amongst adults and regularly top the bestselling slots in the Non-Fiction charts. 

Why? Is this just another excuse to buy yet more books under the guise that they are not "books"? Or is it just the chance to purchase my own felt tips which will always have their matching lid on properly? (*click*)

To be honest, these are factors, but the main reason is that colouring doesn't demand anything. Everyone can colour. It's a level playing field. You don't need loads of expensive equipment; it is easy to get out and put away, be picked up for five minutes and pushed aside in seconds. It can be done in front of the telly (unless you're watching subtitles!!). It has also been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and create a sense of calm and well being. Who doesn't need that at the end of a long day?

These two books from Pavilion are down right stunning. The images range from intricate, to more stylised; simple objects from a fairy tale to a full page scene depicting some of the most famous stories. "Princesses and Fairies" has a selection of drawings from less well known fairy tales and some Shakespeare stories which I thought was fun. My daughter and I spent a long time wondering which page to start with and both books include pictures that could take one evening, to more detailed images that might take a few nights. It depends on your mood. One thing you can be sure of, these books are as big a threat to your bedtime as a gripping novel......just one more flower, just one more section, just a bit more red here.......Go on, give colouring a go - lose yourself in your own fairy tale world! Perfect for the approaching winter evenings! 

I would highly recommend these beautiful collections. They are some of the most intricate and appealing books I have seen available. 

My huge thanks to Pavilion for the free copies in return for a review. For more information about the books, please see the press release below. 

The craze for adult colouring books is well and truly established and grown-ups are once again enjoying the calming and meditative effects of putting pen to paper.
Pavilion Books is proud to present two new titles featuring a wealth of fantastical and magical images. Fairy Tales and Princesses and Fairies include scenes and characters from all the favourite fairy tales and classic stories: Thumbelina, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Princess and the Pea, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Swan Lake, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Nutcracker and more.
Each book offers more than 70 pages to colour in. Budding artists can lose themselves in intricate leaves and flowers, flamboyant costumes, delicate snowflakes, castles, pixies, butterflies and bows. There are hours of quiet concentration and contemplation to be had within these pages.

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