Guest Post: Horrible Histories by a MiniBibliomaniac

Horrible Histories: Angry Aztecs (New Edition)

"Horrible Histories Angry Aztecs" is an amazing easy-to-read book that's full of fascinating facts. Starting with a great timeline, the information in this book is very accurate, reliable and extremely interesting. Seeing as my class are studying the Aztecs at school, I have been given a head start because of this book and have discovered things that I was surprised to find out.

Some of the gobsmacking facts I have found out are:
-many priests ate the arms, legs and hearts of sacrificial victims
-King Nezahualpilli had 2,000 wives and 144 children
-after failing to conquer the Aztecs, Herman Cortes soon came back to Mexico for a re-match with the Aztecs
-people of Mexico had never seen horses before until the Spaniards came
-if a Mayan child died then their mother would cut the end off one of her own fingers and have it buried with the child

The book is really helpful when studying Aztecs as it covers the Maya and a little bit about the surrounding tribes at the time as well. "Angry Aztecs" includes some spectacular illustrations by Martin Brown which match the text perfectly. The book also features many many jokes which really DO make you laugh out loud. Terry Deary has given the "Angry Aztecs" a more fictional sense by joking around and adding remarks such as "That would have done her a good job" and "lucky her" when things aren't really good for them or lucky!

5/5 stars!

Thanks to my 10 year old son for requesting to have his (unedited) review featured on my blog!


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