Runaway Girl: An extract from the opening pages.........

Runaway Girl by Emily Organ

This fantastic historical murder mystery thriller from Emily Organ is out on the 15th March. Here's a few extracts from the opening pages to wet your appetite! 

She was supposed to be dead.

She had to stay silent or they would know she was alive. It was possible the men realised she was still alive but they threw her into the river anyway, hoping she would drown if there was any doubt.

The cold water felt like a dagger of ice striking her chest. She immediately sank and opened her mouth in panic, taking in a gulp of foul water, kicking and flailing, she managed to come up for air. Out of her mouth came a gasping noise she was unable to control.

Moonlight danced on the surface of the oily black water. Although it looked beautiful, the river stank like a latrine and there was a revolting taste on her tongue that made her gag. She splashed to keep afloat but again felt herself sinking, her dress dragging her down. She kicked as hard and fast as her legs would allow, flapping her arms and managing to keep her face clear.


The waterman remained calm. This wasn't the first time he had pulled a body out of the river. Carefully, he steered the boat towards the floating bundle and as he drew nearer he could see strands of long red hair floating like seaweed, then a leg a foot, still with its slipper on. A woman. Perhaps even a girl.

The girl floated towards him and he caught a glimpse of her serene, white face...... She had not been in the water long enough for her flesh to soften and swell. Her dress was cream coloured and well tailored and she wore a set of expensive looking rosary beads around her neck.


Tenderly he moved her hair from her face and made sure her eyes were firmly closed. Then he removed his cloak and laid it over her body, the stench of the river long forgotten.

.....Gripped? You only have to wait until March 15th when it will be released. If you can't wait that long, try one of Emily's other books, "The Outsider" or "The Last Day" - both 5 star reads. 

There are also reviews of her other books and a full review of "Runaway Girl" in earlier blogs - click on the menu to find them. This extract was published here with Emily's permission.

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