Valentine Gifts for the Bibliomaniac

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Here are some gift ideas for the bibliomaniac in your life!

This has to be the ultimate gift for any avid (or not so avid) reader. The School of Life offers a wide range of "therapies" and this one is designed to support your reading. Through consultation with a bibliotherapist, you have the opportunity to explore your relationship with books and look towards new directions, new authors or revisit past novels for new meaning. The outcome is an "inspirational reading prescription that's tailor made for you". A unique gift! Gift vouchers are available and more details are on the website
Table Topic Book Club Questions

These are great fun! A box of cards full of questions for use at Book Club or for anyone who enjoys talking about books! Could be used over coffee or even by yourself if you are interested in writing a book review or deepening your exploration of a book. The questions are highly varied ranging from the more humorous, light hearted, quick fire style to the more literary and challenging. Will definitely make you think about the book you're discussing and a lively way to generate discussion at your next book group meeting. See website for the full range or search table topics on Amazon. Also available through some hughstreet retailers.

Postcards, Notebooks and Vouchers

Waterstones have got a beautiful range of "literary gifts". These postcards are gorgeous and could be used to send or collate into a poster. Why not start a correspondence with another bibliomanaic with these cards swapping your latest recommendations or quotes of the week?
Waterstones also had a large range of notebooks in various sizes and designs ranging from traditional patterns and colours to author inspired covers or humorous strap lines. These always make a good gift for anyone who wants to keep a record of what they are reading or want to read next.
And you can never ever ever go wrong with a book voucher! You just can't beat browsing in a real bookshop and seeking inspiration from the booksellers stands of the latest reads!

Persephone Books

These are the most gorgeous books I have ever come across and they make the most fantastic presents. All the titles are reprinted, rediscovered authors and each book comes with a bookmark designed in the same end paper of the novel which is representative of the time of the novel. They are beautifully produced and it always seems a shame to have to store them away on a bookshelf! The books are chosen carefully and include a huge range of novels, non fiction, diaries and recipe books. Some of them are of a more classic style but many are very modern, highly readable and always resonant. I have discovered many new authors like Dorothy Whipple and read books like "The Homemaker" which I found profoundly moving. Please spend some time exploring their website to see all the available titles or subscribe to their catalogue. They also sell gift vouchers, bags, stationary and notebooks and have a shop in London which also runs events.

Book on One Page Poster
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I think these are stunning and such a clever idea! My problem would be deciding which book to go for! There are several websites which produce these if you search "one page book posters" or go to Not on the Highstreet or Amazon for a selection. They are also available through some high street gift shops.

Other Gift Ideas......

  • cinema tickets for a film of a book - lots currently showing like "Carol", "The Danish Girls", "Room" & "Brooklyn"
  • DVDs - "Pride & Prejudice" box set, "Bridget Jones Diary', "Poldark" box set, Dickens classics or films and TV shows you missed - "And Then There Were None," "War and Peace"....
  • Theatre tickets for book adaptations like "Matilda", "Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time", Shakespeare's Globe (or a tour there if you prefer!) 
  • Royal Festival Hall frequently has poetry readings which make a great night out
  • Magazine subscription - TLS, Literary Review

My Perfect Gift? Being allowed to go to my favourite coffee shop with my book, money for a cake and an hour to myself .......Sheer bliss and completely priceless!! 

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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