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26th June - 1st July 2017 

I have had a great week and have so much bookish stuff to share that I have decided to do a 'round' up  in case you missed anything! I hope you enjoy and I hope you find something to read from my recommendations!

Book Reviews:
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The Binding SongLast SeenThe ChildBlood SistersOne Little Mistake: The gripping eBook bestseller

 The Binding Song was my favourite read this week. It's set in a prison and tells the story of psychologist Janet as she tries to rehabilitate the prisoners while also dealing with her own deeply buried secrets. It is chilling, haunting and seriously creepy with a touch of the supernatural. I fell in love with it.  It won't suit everyone, but for me, it was perfect.

Last Seen is also a chilling tale about two women who were best friend until one of them suffered a huge tragedy. Set in Cornwall and exploring friendship, siblings, motherhood and a tragedy, this book is sure to become a bestseller and appeal to the mass market. It is compelling and a great story with some twists and turns making it very readable and full of drama.

I was intrigued to see how Fiona Barton's story The Child would match up to her debut The Widow but I am delighted to say it was as good, if not better! The Child starts with an investigation into the discovery of some bones belonging to a baby at a building site. As our protagonist delves deeper and deeper she finds herself having to reinvestigate an older crime and becomes entangled with the lives of three women. A very good read.

The themes of sisters and terrible secrets seems to be popular this summer and Blood Sisters is one to add to your list of recommendations for holiday reading! Jane Corry's novel is an involved read and at 455 pages it's a story that really allows you to get involved with the characters and their complex relationships. I enjoyed it; the characters are very well developed and more original making it an intriguing and interesting read. Take it on holiday with you!

One Little Mistake is an absolute must read for anyone with a child who has ever just wished they could pop out for 10 minutes and leave their child alone in the house. One Little Mistake is about exactly that - one decision, one moment and how one mistake sets off a string of events that spiral out of control. It also took a slightly different direction from what I expected meaning I enjoyed the twists, turns, revelation and the way I had to keep rethinking my feelings towards the characters. Well worth a read and well worth adding to your summer reading pile! Don't let your little mistake be that you don't read this book!

This week I was also on two Blog Tours with guest posts. You can read what author's Julia Roberts and Viv Conroy had to say about their new books here:

Guest Post Alice in Theatreland

Guest Post Viv Conroy

And somehow it's now July - which means it's time for the next Bibliomaniac's Book Club read. Usually I pick a paperlight and paperweight choice but as it's July and the holiday season, I am only doing one this time. Our book group isn't meeting again until September so with this in mind, I hope you will enjoy the paperlight choice which is The Dry by Jane Harper. Click on the link for all you need to run a book club session on this novel.

Bibliomaniac's July Book Club read

I have also uploaded my interview with Gin Phillips (Fierce Kingdom) and my panel event (Summer Scorchers) so if you fancy listening to them please click on the links or search them out at SoundCloud.



There are still tickets available to my next live panel event on Wednesday- visit eventbrite for more details or click on the link below:


I have also enjoyed listening to a lot of podcasts this week. Here are some of my top picks!

I could listen to Holly Seddon and Gillian MacAllister all day and I really enjoyed episode 11. They talk a lot about Gillian's third novel, which she is currently writing, and is about an incident involving a shaken baby. On this podcast she talks a lot about her research into this issue and the court cases she has attended as research as well as what motivated her to tackle this subject. There is also a lot of conversation about parenting, then more broadly about author finances, what their friends say to them about writing and how they fit in writing to their lives. It's honest, it's interesting and it's very enjoyable!


I have just discovered The Bestseller Experiment podcast and am trying to catch up quickly with the episodes I have missed. This week I listened to Laura Barnett talking about her new book Greatest Hits and it was incredibly interesting. Having listened to Barnett talk about the fact there was a real soundtrack to go with the book which tells the story of an imagined songwriter looking back over her life, I had to download that as well and have been really enjoying listening it. Highly recommend you check these links out!



I then listened to a previous episode featuring Sarah Pinborough which is highly entertaining although probably better on headphones as she has a little bit of a potty mouth! I found myself getting strange looks as I listened while walking through town as I kept smiling and laughing to myself. It's a great interview and once again, great insight to the author behind the novel and the story behind the book! (no puns intended!)


My final recommendation is a podcast where book blogger Chelsea Humphrey talks about her recommendations and what you should read next. I follow Chelsea's blog The Suspense Is Thrilling Me, and also on twitter so it was fun to 'hear' her chatting about books too!


Ok, that's me done. Yes, quite a week! And next week looks as busy but I shall tell you all about that next Saturday! Don't forget to have a look out for me then! Hope you have a great weekend reading, talking and listening books!

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