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It’s summer 1976; London is languishing in the sultry heat. Beautiful and talented nineteen-year-old, Alice Abbott, arrives in the city with high hopes of one day seeing her name up in lights but first she must impress Richard, the producer of a new West End show, Theatreland.

Alice is befriended at the audition by the more experienced Gina, who, although burdened by her own dark secrets, is determined to protect the newcomer from the sleaze behind the glamour. She also attracts attention from the male lead in the show, Peter, a former pop star struggling to escape his playboy reputation.

Alice’s star seems to be rising as fast as the temperature until she naively accepts an impromptu dinner invitation from Richard. What happened that night? And how far will Richard go to protect his guilty secret?

Alice in Theatreland is published on 27th June 2017. 

Today I am thrilled to welcome Julia Roberts to my blog with a guest post! Thanks ever so much for popping along Julia and for letting me part of your blog tour for your latest book! 

Thanks very much Katherine for inviting me on to your blog!

Alice in Theatreland is my fourth full-length novel and the first one that has a suspense/thriller edge to it. I really enjoyed developing new characters after my Liberty Sands trilogy. The book centres around the title character, nineteen-year-old provincial  dancer, Alice, and her introduction to the sometimes cut-throat world of West End theatre shows, but there are three other key players who I thought I would introduce you to.

Richard is the theatre impresario for whom Alice is auditioning. He is a really unpleasant human-being as we discover immediately when we first meet him in chapter two – however, that is merely the tip of the iceberg. The plot really centres around his behaviour towards Alice and how far he will ultimately go to protect his sordid secret. His only saving grace is his adoration of his spoilt daughter, Miriam.

Peter is the star of the Theatreland show. He is a former pop-star who Alice had a crush on when she was a younger teenager and she is besotted with him when he starts to show an interest in her. However, Peter is struggling to escape his playboy reputation and after being photographed leaving a London nightspot with another girl, Alice feels she can no longer trust him.

The fourth key player is Gina. I know we shouldn’t have favourites among our children or our pets but I must confess I grew fonder and fonder of her character as the story developed. Coming from a very rough upbringing with an absent father and a drug-addict mother, Gina has made some poor life choices, including going to work as a hostess at a London night-club when her dancing jobs were few and far between. She is afraid of her boss there, Franco, who openly threatens the girls at the Ostrich Club if they don’t toe the line.

Gina befriends Alice at the audition for Theatreland, sticking up for her when the other girls are being bitchy about her and taking her in when she has nowhere to live, but her actions later in the book place Alice in serious danger. 

All the way through the book, Gina’s fate was sealed but when it came to writing it I found myself struggling with what I had planned. 

Did I manage to write my original ending?... I couldn’t possibly say without spoiling the story.

Well now we are all seriously intrigued! Thanks Julia for giving us a taste of the characters we will meet in your novel! Good luck with its publication!

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Julia Roberts’ passion for writing began when, at the age of ten, after winning second prize in a short story-writing competition, she announced that she wanted to write a book. After a small gap of forty-seven years, and a career in the entertainment industry, Julia finally fulfilled her dream in 2013 when her first book, a memoir entitled One Hundred Lengths of the Pool, was published by Preface Publishing. Two weeks later she had the idea for her first novel, Life’s a Beach and Then…, book one in the Liberty Sands Trilogy, which was released in May 2015.

Julia still works full-time as a Presenter for the TV channel QVC, where she has recently celebrated her twenty-third anniversary. 

She now lives in Ascot with her partner of thirty-nine years and occasionally one or other of her adult children and their respective cats.

You can find out more about Julia and her upcoming books on her Facebook page
www.facebook.com/JuliaRobertsTV and her website www.juliarobertsauthor.com
You can also follow her on Twitter @JuliaRobertsTV

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