Enid Blyton's Birthday 11th August (1897-1968)

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Love her or loathe her there is no mistaking what a colossal influence this author has had on children's fiction and consequently millions of children's authors- and, undoubtedly, adult authors.

For me, she is responsible for helping make that jump between picture books and chapter books. She filled the void that existed *cough* years ago when children's fiction did not have the huge selection of original and gifted writers it has today. She was a perfect choice for the time when I had outgrown young children's fiction but wasn't quite ready for teenage / adult reads. As a voracious reader, I devoured whole series of her books, immersed myself in her exciting worlds where ordinary children were frequently able to out think adults and made me begin to see adventure and mystery everywhere around me which led to more imaginative playing and a desire to become a writer myself.

It is a real testament to her writing, that despite the controversies and issues surrounding her titles, they still remain bestsellers today. Just this month, my daughter has discovered "The Famous Five" and I found three of these books under her pillow last week! My son loves the "Five Find-Outers" series and was literally glued to them last summer as he ploughed through the entire series. His friends are fans of "The Secret Seven" and we also have the "Adventure" series which the boys have enjoyed reading. I look forward to sharing "Malory Towers" with my daughter when she's a bit older.

The 2009 TV series "Enid" starring Helena Bonham Carter was absolutely stunning. Although quite difficult to watch at times, it was a fascinating insight and very thought provoking. I would highly recommend it.

So what are your favourite Enid Blyton reads? Which made an impression on you? Here are a few of mine!

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